Austin's Tae Kwon Do & SELF DEFENSE

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Private Lessons are available upon request.For students that want more individual training. Group lessons are also available.

Individualized training is for those that want extra in their training,or that can't make our regularly scheduled classes due to work, school, or other commitments. a student having problems in a certain area of their training, or trying to prepare for a rank test or planning on competing in a tournament would greatly enhance their performance by taking advantage of individualized training.It's also a great choice for groups, organizations or businesses that want to train exclusively among themselves.
Another benefit of individualized training is being able to train at your own pace,either slower or faster than our regular classes. You'll also excel due to the fact that the instructor is focused on only you and what your training needs are.
Individualized training is a great idea for law enforcement or military personnel that might need that extra training to help them on the job. 
whatever your goals are we can help you achieve them.  

Times are set by instructor and student availability.